Where do these 
parts come from?
Like many other limited production car makers, Lotus saves money by using many parts from other vehicles. If you look closely at the taillight lenses on a Stevens' Esprit, you will notice they say Toyota in small print. They originally came from a 1984-85 Toyota Corolla SR5 (the last rear-drive ones).  In fact, Stevens admits that he actually designed the rear of the Esprit around these taillights to ensure that they looked integrated and not "tacked on". Units on prior Giugiaro Esprits were "borrowed" from Rover cars.

The beautiful wing mirrors on Esprits since 89MY came from a Citroen CX and can be found on numerous other supercars including the Jaguar XJ220 and the Venturi. 

Much generic British Leyland (Lucas) switchgear abounds in early Esprits. Only after then-owner GM allowed Lotus to raid their parts bins did the quality of these parts improve (they were incorporated in the 1989MY). For example, the airbag unit on the Esprit's steering wheel from 91MY-On is from a Pontiac Bonneville or TransAm (with a Lotus cover, of course). The ECM and many of its sensors (TPS, MAP, and others) are also from GM and can be found on cars like the Corvette ZR-1. The CHMSL (3rd brake light) came from a 1989 Corvette. 

Legend has it that Colin Chapman would raid the employee parking area looking for ideas and parts to use on his cars. Employees soon learned the benefits of parking as far away from the building as possible and taking a long stroll from their cars to/from work.

As a further bit of trivia: Lotus would have loved to use the Peter Stevens re-design of the Esprit in 1987 as an opportunity to replace the Austin Maxi door handles which had been the source of so much criticism by the press. However, changing the door handles would have required homologation and crash testing which would have cost Lotus almost as much as the budget for the entire project (about 1 million pounds). The door handles were finally changed in 93-1/2 to coincide with the introduction of the S4. 

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Steering Wheels Originally, Lotus used nice, thick-rimmed steering wheels from Italian manufacturer Nardi for the Esprit. Then came the early nineties, and airbag (SIR) systems became mandatory in the USA. Being a small car company of limited resources made designing their own unit cost-prohibitive. They solved this problem by "borrowing" a unit from parent company, GM. The problem is that Lotus got the most awful looking piece of safety device from the GM parts bin. Ten years later, even though GM ownership is no longer, Lotus continues to use this ugly appendage to the Esprit's steering column. 

Although it has a stitched rim, you will discover upon close inspection that the GM wheel is made of imitation leather. This looks totally out place in a supercar with Connolly leather throughout its interior. To make matters worse, in many newer vehicles the wheel and airbag cover are dyed medium gray.  This means that , except for cars with gray (raven) interiors, the wheel clashes with the rest of the car's interior which has black switch gear and trim. 

Meanwhile, newer Esprit variants such as the GT3 and V8-GT, which aren't available in the USA market, are graced with one of the prettiest Momo steering wheels ever designed. It just isn't fair!

Seeing pictures of what the non-SIR Esprits included as standard equipment, I set out on a quest to find out how to substitute my ugly duckling for a proper Momo wheel.

Well, I finally did it. Someone, who shall remain nameless, has helped supply me with the proper parts and now that yucky, ugly GM SIR steering wheel is history. In the process of replacing it I have learned a few interesting things: 

  • The Momo wheel is about 1/2 inch smaller in diameter than the airbag one. This mean that you have slightly more thigh room or room when working in the "lotus" position underneath the dash. 
  • The Momo wheel is definitely thicker and better feeling, but the thicker, smaller diameter rim obstructs the gauges a bit more. 
  • The Momo wheel is only available through Lotus. As I have pointed out before, Lotus has agreements with many of its suppliers (Momo, OZ, Brembo...) that prevent you from buying the parts directly from the manufacturers. Momo representatives told me that this wheel was designed specially for Lotus and is not available in the aftermarket. The Lotus "list" price is currently $763US. Yikes! 
  • Taking off the GM wheel makes it evident that it is very poorly built. The rim is wrapped in imitation leather that is hand-stitched to make it look more real. The airbag unit doesn't fit squarely into the wheel. Underneath the airbag, torn-off pieces of masking tape are used to hold the wiring in place. Certainly not the kind of stuff you expect to find in a $100,000US supercar. 
  • The poor quality of the GM wheel is really evident in it's flimsy horn buttons. These have got to be the cheapest piece of crap switches known to man. They are made out of a very brittle, clear plastic. I have probably used my horn only one or two dozen times, yet I found both buttons cracked and they practically disintegrated in my hands. The horn button on the Momo wheel is in the proper position on the center of the crash pad. This makes it easier to press than the ones on the spokes of the airbag wheel, or the one on the end of the turn signal stalk in older Esprits. Also, I don't know how but Momo managed to keep their logo on the horn switch. Older Esprits with Nardi wheels required the Lotus badge instead. 
  • I'm surprised at just how heavy the SIR wheel package is. At just about 10 pounds, it definitely doesn't seem fitting on a car from a company  famous for lightweight vehicles. By contrast, the Momo wheel probably weighs about 3 to 4 pounds. 
  • Removing the airbag is a nerve wracking experience. I kept fearing that thing would explode in my face and kill me. I followed the steps in the manual, but it's still scary. I'm not exactly sure how I'm supposed to store the airbag unit. I suppose a cool, dry place is called for, but I'm not sure I want that explosive device inside my house. Make sure you follow all safety precautions if you choose to replace your wheel. These are indicated in the owner's handbook. 
  • Removing the existing wheel is (as most things Lotus) an exercise in frustration. The Service Notes warn in several places not to apply too much force while attempting to pull the wheel off because it can permanently damage the collapsible steering column. It says that if it doesn't let go with a small wiggle, then you should use an "appropriate" steering wheel puller. Problem is there is no place to attach a standard steering wheel puller. There are two holes that could be used if only they had been threaded as in most other wheels. There is nothing else to grab onto to pull the wheel off. The parts list did not indicate a special Lotus tool either. I finally removed the wheel by fabricating my own custom puller that attached to the airbag fixing screws. A perfect example of a 10-minute job that took all day because it was on a Lotus. 
  • Underneath the wheel is an interesting device that is used to maintain the horn and airbag  connections as the wheel rotates. It is aptly named a "rotary connector" in the Parts List. This unit has to be removed which requires that you remove the upper and lower (leather) steering column shrouds. 
  • If you look at the Parts List you'll notice that there is a different part number for the shrouds depending on whether or not the wheel has an airbag. It appears the only real reason for this is that the non-airbag shroud extends a little further towards the wheel, thus covering the boss (hub) better. If you don't switch to the other shroud, a gap of about 1/4 inch is exposed around the boss. No big deal. 
  • The Parts list also has different parts numbers for the turn signal (indicator) and windshield washer column switches on SIR vs. non-SIR cars.  However, according to Lotus, the only difference between the SIR and non-SIR parts is the length and bend of the switch arm itself. It is definitely not necessary to exchange it. 
  • On the Momo wheel, the tolerance of the lug on the wheel boss in relation to the nylon plunger on the turn indicator switch is critical.  In some cases, the corner of the lug may need to be filed to form a sharp edge, the better to operate the plunger. Otherwise, the turn signal isn't cancelled after completing a turn and you run the risk of looking like so many (elderly) Florida drivers who appear to drive in circles all day because they leave their turn signals on all the time. 
  • The horn connects a little differently than in the SIR model because the rotary connector is no longer there. Instead there is a spring-loaded pin that presses against a metal ring on the back of the hub. The connection then goes to the horn switch and back to the steering column which is grounded to complete the circuit.  I had to improvise a bit to get this connection made, because the wire coming from the harness to the horn pin isn't included on SIR vehicles. 
  • I wanted to keep the passenger airbag functional so I had to figure out how to keep the SIR tell tale from lighting up all the time. I didn't want to simply remove the bulb, because then I wouldn't know if the passenger side had a fault. Since the airbag unit only uses two wires (a third wire in the connector is for the horn), I figured that I could connect the two wires with a variable resistor and then change the resistance values until the CPU believed there is an airbag in place. I tried my little experiment with a 25 ohm rheostat because I assumed the resistance of the airbag would be very low. I started at 25 ohms and slowly reduced the resistance value until the light went out. This happened at about 2.2 ohms. Once I had the correct value, it was simply a matter of replacing it with a fixed value resistor (you can use Radio Shack part #271-1121) and voila, no more annoying tell tale light. To make the installation look more professional, I bought an inline fuse holder from Radio Shack as well (part # 270-1213). I then trimmed and bent the ends of the resistor and inserted it into the fuse holder. I trimmed the length of the wires from the fuse holder and attached crimp connectors that match the one on the airbag connector. Here's a picture of what the device looks like. 
  • Finally, I did a little research on the Internet regarding the laws about removing airbags. If one is to believe what one reads on the internet, what I learned was this: 
    You can remove or disconnect/disable the airbag on your own vehicle as long as you replace it when you sell the vehicle or notify the buyer that the airbag is not operational. All those things you hear about having to request that the government grant you permission to disable the unit have to do with having someone disable the unit for you. Even if you did manage to be one of the few who got approval to get the airbag disabled, you will probably have a hard time finding someone who will do the job. The reason is that there is too much liability at stake. Most shops are afraid they will get sued if you're in an accident and your airbag wasn't functional, even if you requested it this way. 

    Remember, this is all info I read on the Internet, so it's validity is questionable. If you get hurt because your airbag didn't deploy, don't come saying that I said it was OK. 

For more pictures of the process of exchanging the wheel, refer to my S4s picture gallery.

Most of the parts needed (except for the horn pin, bush, and spring) are available from Lotus as one unit. The individual parts don't have published part numbers yet. Here's a list of all the parts needed to replace your wheel: Keep in mind that items 11-15 are optional and are for aesthetics only. You certainly don't need them. 

Item Part Number Description Qty.
1 TBA Horn button, Momo logo 1
2 TBA Crash pad, steering wheel center 1
3 TBA Collapsible bracket 1
4 TBA Steering wheel only 1
5 TBA Screw, fixing steering wheel to boss 4
6 TBA Boss, steering wheel platform to column 1
7 TBA Horn ring, push connection 1
8 A082H4080F Momo steering wheel assembly (items 1-7 above) 1
9 A100M6048F Column switch, LH, turn/dip/flash, Non-SIR 1
10 A100M6049F Column switch, RH, windscreen wipe/wash, Non-SIR 1
11 A082V8685J Column shroud, upper, trimmed 1
12 A082V8686J Column shroud, lower, trimmed 1
13 A100U0279F Extension stud, column shroud rear 1
14 A100W5143F Screw, M4 X 12, lower shroud rear 1
15 A075W4063Z Washer, lower shroud rear 1
16 A100H6013F Horn pin 1
17 A100H6050F Spring, horn pin 1
18 C100H0029F Horn bush 1
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Headlights All headlights are not created equal and as the old adage says " you get what you pay for". So don't even waste your time or money on the $3-$7US sealed beam halogen lights you find at regular auto parts stores. They're not that much better than the ones that came with your car.

If you're willing to spend the money, E-Code headlights is a much better way to go. Theoretically, they are illegal in the USA except for off road use, but it is unlikely that you will get pulled over for using them. These lights are very white and even in their pattern. Unlike sealed beams, they are comprised of a separate lens and bulb. When the bulb goes out, you only replace the bulb. This means that the initial expense is high, but replacements shouldn't be. However, how often do you really have a headlight go out in the first place?

I replaced all four lights on my car after being disappointed with the sealed beam Sylvania ones and I can honestly say they're great. The only weird thing is that they have a very sharp horizontal cutoff that tapers up on the right hand side to help illuminate signs on the edge of the road without blinding oncoming traffic. Other than this, it's almost as if you're driving in daylight. 

You could purchase your H1/H4 bulbs from Daniel Stern at Stern Lighting. Expect to pay about $40 - $65US per light for the E-Code units.

For the next step up in lighting beyond E-Code, you may want to go to H.I.D. (High Intensity Discharge) lights. These lights, also known as Xenon lights, have been in use for years in stadiums and factories. In recent years, they have emerged in the automotive scene and can be found on flagship vehicles from companies such as Mercedes Benz, Lexus, and BMW. The lights do not use a filament like a halogen bulb, but create light by zapping an arc between two electrodes. This arc excites gases which in turn ignite metallic salts producing an intense white light on the roadway. The results are impressive, consuming one-third the current draw of comparable halogen lighting while producing four times the light output.

H.I.D. headlights produce a color temperature of 4300 Kelvin versus 2800 Kelvin from a standard halogen bulb. For comparison, the earth's sun has a color value of 5200 Kelvin. Simply, the color temperature is a unit of measure of a light source. The higher the number the closer the light resembles actual sun light. This color spectrum ranges from dark red to orange, yellow, and finally white to light blue. This explains why vehicles equipped with H.I.D. headlights at night have a slight blue hue and halogen equipped vehicles have a yellow hue.

RM Lighting is one company that sells aftermarket HID that will fit the Esprit. For $995US you can buy a kit that includes 2 H.I.D. bulbs, reflectors, ballasts, igniters,  H.I.D. bulb adapters,  nylon mesh wire harness and relay assembly, weather pac connectors, plus 100W halogen high beams and all hardware needed for a complete installation.

Currently, only Ferrari and Infiniti have vehicles with HID high beams. So for the ultimate lighting on your car you could get H.I.D. low beams and replace the halogen high beams with a set of  E-Code high beams.

One final note: many companies are fabricating halogen lights with a blue tint to imitate the look of H.I.D. lights. Many of them even use the name Xenon in their name in an effort to confuse the consumer. You can tell these apart right away because no real H.I.D. system is comprised of just bulbs. You also need ballasts, igniters, and high voltage wiring. Theses imitation bulbs will do little more than reduce night-time visibility. I would strongly discourage you from spending your money on them.

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Road Wheels Many wheel designs have graced the Esprit over the years. Most of the recent ones have been designed by Lotus and manufactured by Italian wheel maker: OZ  Racing. I won't go into all the different styles, but suffice it to say there have been all sorts of variations with 5, 6 and seven spokes in 1-piece or 3-piece designs.

One of the most common questions I get asked regarding wheels is from owners of 1988-1993MY who are interested in updating the look of their cars. They want to know if it is possible to put the wheels from an S4, S4s, or V8 on their model year Esprit.

The short answer is Yes. However, the front hub spigot diameter was reduced from 60mm to 58mm starting with the introduction of the S4. Since these wheels are "hub-centric", this means that the front wheels will not fit without replacing the hub or modifying the wheel. The easiest way to do this is to shave the  inside of wheel by this amount. The "proper" way would be to replace the hub components.

As far as fender wall clearance, the later wheels push the limits of width. In fact, the non-USA S4s, the V8, and both the Sport models have wheel arch extensions to meet European regulations which require a certain distance between the body of the car and the surface of the wheel/tire.

Also, USA S4 and S4s cars had smaller front wheelhousings up until May 1995. Starting with the S4 serial number 62034 and with S4s serial number 63095 the wheelhousings were commonized with those of the non-USA S4s. This means that cars prior to this changepoint should not have the larger size (8.5Jx17 f and 10Jx18 r) wheels fitted to them.

Lotus recommends that all wheel lug bolts be tightened to 74 lb-ft of torque.

A comparison of wheels and tire sizes shows: 

Wheel Type
Wheel Size (f)
Inset (f)
Wheel Size (r)
Inset (r)
Tire Size (f)
Tire Size (r)
88 to 89 Esprit Lotus Design 
OZ Ruote 7-spoke
7J x 15
8J x 15
195/60 235/60
89-1/2 to 93 SE Lotus Design 
OZ Ruote 7-spoke
7J x 15
8.5J x 16 x 8.5
215/50 245/50
92 Sport300 OZ Racing Futura Modular 5-spoke w/out center cap 8.5J x 16


10.5J x 17


245/45 315/35
93-1/2 SE OZ Revolution 5-spoke 7J x 15
8.5J x 16 x 8.5
215/50 245/50
94 to 95-1/2 S4, and USA S4s Lotus Design 
OZ Racing 5-spoke
7J X 17
8.5J x 17
215/40 245/45
95 to 95-1/2 USA S4s (optional) OZ Racing Futura Modular 5-spoke 7J X 17
8.5J x 17
215/40 245/45
95 to 96 non-USA S4s OZ Racing Futura Modular 5-spoke 8.5J x 17
10J x 18
235/40 285/35
96 to 98 V8 Lotus Design 
AWI 6-spoke
8.5J x 17
10J x 18
235/40 285/35
96 to 98 V8 (optional) OZ Racing Futura Modular 5-spoke  8.5J x 17
10J x 18
235/40 285/35
99 to 01 V8 OZ Racing Saturn Plus 6-spoke 8.5J x 17
10J x 18
235/40 285/35
99 Sport350 Lotus Design 
OZ Racing Crono Magnesio 5-spoke
8.5J x 17
10J x 18
235/40 295/35
02 to 04 V8 OZ Racing Nova 16-spoke 8.5J x 17 +19.0 10J x 18 +17.0 235/40 285/35
*  for cars with inboard brakes only. Cars with outboard brakes had +30.0 mm inset for rear wheels.

Part of the reason why it's difficult to fit aftermarket wheels to the Esprit is because of the bolt pattern it uses. Most aftermarket wheels are made for Japanese cars which have a bolt pattern of  5x114.3. This means they have 5 lug bolts arranged in a circle whose diameter is 114.3mm. Other cars like BMW have bolt circles of  5x120. The modern Esprit has a bolt circle of  5x108. This extremely limits the aftermarket wheels that will fit the car. Your options are to:

  1. Find a manufacturer that makes wheels with the proper bolt circle and offset. 
  2. Have the wheels "drilled". This process involves enlarging the lug holes by making them oblong. This solution is strongly discouraged as it can cause the wheels to sit off-center and can lead to balancing and vibration problems.
  3. Have the manufacturer make a custom set for you. As you can imagine, this option can become very expensive. Sources of custom wheels include Kinesis Motorsports, Fikse Wheels, and HRE.

If you do find a set of wheels that works, please remember that Lotus specifications require a particular lug  bolt length. If you insert a bolt through the un-mounted wheel, there should be 20mm of thread protruding through the back side of the wheel.

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Tires After searching around for tires for my SE for a long time, I finally chose the SP Sport 8000. I was very pleased with their ride, wear, and noise levels. My mechanic hates them, though. According to him, Dunlop has a reputation for not being able to build a round tire. He had one customer (a neighbor of mine) complain of vibration that wouldn't go away no matter how many times they balanced his tires. After switching them from Dunlop to Michelins, the problems went away.

Lotus is using the Michelin Pilot SX on the Esprit V8. Unfortunately, they weren't available in the size I needed for the front set on the SE. Otherwise, these would've been my first choice.

My S4s had the factory Goodyear Eagle GS-A. I was very pleased with these as well. I used them on the racetrack at Road Atlanta and, although I wasn't driving very fast, I could tell they have quite a bit of grip. Unfortunately, Goodyear has stopped making these tires, so replacement options in the factory sizes are going to be further limited.

My new S4s custom wheels are wearing the Michelin Pilot SX as on the V8, but in larger sizes. I have 235/35ZR18 front and 295/35ZR18 rear. I haven't been on the racetrack with this wheel/tire combo, but for street use, I am very impressed with this combination. Tire technology has improved so much in the past few years that, even with such low profiles, ride comfort is still acceptable.

I haven't heard much about Pirelli tires except that they tend to wear out very quickly. However, they are notorious for tremendous grip. Because of this, Lotus has chosen the Pirelli P-Zero for it's most extreme Esprit to date, the Sport350. the standard V8 rear tire size of 285/35ZR18 is not available in the Pirelli P-Zero, so like in my car, they too use the 295/35ZR18 size instead.

Note: Since first writing this I have put 20K miles on the Pilot SX Tires. This includes two trips to Atlanta and about twenty laps on the Road Atlanta track. I have been very happy with the performance of the Michelins. Their grip is outstanding and the ride on the street is smooth and quiet. However, due to the great amount of negative camber on the Esprit suspension setup, the racetrack ate the tread of my SX rear tires down to the cords. This is part of the price you pay for the superior handling of the Esprit. Still, 20K miles is not bad at all for a racecar. 

Only two models of tires are available in the sizes for my custom wheels, the Michelins, and the Pirelli P-Zero. Since I was happy with the way the Michelins handled and how long they lasted, I decided to buy a new set. However, in the past year or two, Michelin has replaced this model with their new Pilot Sport. The Sport has a more aggressive and unidirectional tread pattern than the SX. It's intended to increase its performance in the wet. I just put these on recently. I'll update on my impressions once I put a few miles on them.

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Keys Greg Meyers reports that his local locksmith found a match with the Toyota Celica key blank and it works fine. Greg says: 
    "I didn't get exact year for the Toyota, he just pulled it off the wall, eyeballed it, cut it and it worked. I had him do four of them, since he only charged me $1.50 each to do them. He was so excited to go out and try them in the car that I didn't think he was going to charge me for them! Not as nice as the Lotus keys with the rubber heads, but I don't have to worry about losing my keys anymore. " 
Note that this information does not apply to S4 and newer Esprits that use laser-cut keys. So far, these keys are only available through a dealer.

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Glass Roof The roof panel on the Esprit can be tilted or removed. Lotus offers an optional heavily tinted glass roof to replace the standard composite one. The glass roof is nice because it lightens up the interior of the car while protecting you from the elements. The tinted glass is dark enough to protect you from getting burned while driving. In order to use the glass roof, older cars must replace the headliner rubber gasket on their cars. This must be done because the glass roof is thinner than the composite one (although it weighs much more) and won't make a good water and wind seal against the older gasket.

The glass roof is, as with most Lotus items, a very expensive option. Currently it retails for over $1,200US! You may be able to find it for less in the used car market or maybe on Ebay. If you can afford it, you will enjoy the sensation of openness it provides. 

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Griot's Garage Oil Extractor Griot's Garage sells specialty tools for your car through its catalog and web site. Recently I discovered a tool in their catalog that has made my oil changes a lot easier, quicker, and less messy. Essentially it consists of a 2-foot tall, 7-inch diameter translucent cylinder with a pump handle on the top. The cylinder holds 6.5 liters of fluid. The tool comes with two hoses of different diameters that attach to the top of the cylinder. To use the extractor, you simply remove your dipstick from your engine, insert the proper diameter hose into the dipstick tube and pump the handle about ten times. About 10 minutes later, all the oil has been sucked out of your engine and into the cylinder. The process couldn't be easier.

At first I was a bit skeptical about this tool. I wondered whether it would be capable of extracting as much oil from the engine as through the drain plug. I turns out my skepticism was unfounded. The extractor sucked out every bit as much oil as through the drain plug. In fact, Griot's Garage claims that in an independent test by a Japanese magazine back in 1997, the oil extractor was able to withdraw an additional 71ml of oil on a late model Toyota. Due to the ultra tight packaging of engine compartments these days, it seems manufacturers are locating the drain plug in areas that compromise complete oil drainage. Click here to see the extractor.

All I can say is that it works. and at $64.95US, it's not a terribly expensive tool. Griot's Garage also sells a similar extractor to aid in flushing and bleeding your brake fluid. I have used it to flush my brake system and it makes the job a lot quicker and easier. Check it out here.

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Oil and Air Filters It seems everybody is looking for substitute oil and/or air filters for the Esprit. My recommendation for an oil filter is that you call Jeff at JAE and get the Crosland filter. Crosland makes the filters for Lotus so essentially you get the same product except that it is painted green instead of white and it doesn't say Lotus on the side. You'll save a bit of money and your car will get the filter it deserves. Remember, your engine costs more than $40,000US. Why put a cheap filter in and risk damage. Pay now or pay later. Note that this is the same reasoning why I only put Mobil-1 oil in my Esprits.

As far as air filters, I recommend that you upgrade to a K&N Filtercharger (part number: 33-2784). This filter is readily available in Europe but difficult to find in the USA. Again, JAE carries these and usually has them in stock.

If you insist on going a different route, here's what some others have suggested:

Ed Young: 

On my '88 Esprit I use a Wix 51307 in place of the Lotus B907E6000F. For a while I was using a Wix 51348, which is a smaller (in diameter) size. It can be easier to access than the normal size filter. Write these numbers down, they can be "crossed" to whatever brand your local store carries.

Both of these filters have the all important anti-drainback valves and specifications for by-pass pressures are the same as for the filters that are listed for earlier Lotuses. In addition, the 51307 filter is a direct cross from a filter that was supplied to a friend from a Lotus supplier.

I have seen many filters cut apart and feel confident enough to use the Wix or Hastings filters. Seeing the inside of a Fram filter did not inspire any confidence. 

Please note that the Lotus A907E6000 and B907E6000  filters have been superceded with C907E6000, which is labeled for use on 2.0 l, 2.2 l, and 3.5 l (V8) engines.

Atwell Haines: 

The following oil filters can be used on Esprits:
Lotus     A907E6000W  Early Esprits
Lotus     B907E6000W  All Esprits (3mm shorter than the A filter)
Lotus     C907E6000W  All Esprits
Fram      FR16
Purolator PER16       Verified for early cars only
Purolator L10241
Unipart   GRE121      All
Wix       51307       All
Sigurd Enoksen: 
"I have done a little research on the oil-filters. Fram has an oil filter PH16 that is recommended for full size Dodge Ram pickups and Volvo gasoline engines (post 1966) among others. It should fit the Esprit and should have an anti flow back valve, but I am not 100 % sure."

"Purolator have one filter L10017 that fits the Ram pickups and also does have an anti flow back valve for sure. They also sell this filter to Quaker State under the #QS16. It'll fit the Esprit. Purolator also make a filter L10018 that fits the Volvo gas engines. It also has an anti back flow valve for sure. At Quaker State this filter is called QS 7328. It also fits the Esprit. Both the L10018 and the L10017 are very similar. One is slightly shorter than the other. Purolator says they cannot recommend interchanging them. But I figure that would be O.K. since Fram only makes one to fit both vehicles (Volvo and Ram)." 

Apparently you can also use K&N's oil filter part number: Part # HP2004.

As far as air filters for 4-cylinder Esprits are concerned, here's some parts to cross-reference to: 

Big A...............94005 
Wix.................46005 (discontinued) 
AC  Delco.......A1337C 
World Parts....W27-606 
Jaguar.............XKE 70-71 & XJ-6 70-78 
Triumph..........TR-7 77-78 & Stag 70-73 
Note: The Lotus air filter has a thick rubber gasket along its perimeter. This gasket is usually sold as a separate part from the filter by most Lotus parts vendors, but is not included with the filters listed above. You can simply remove it from the old filter and re-use it.

Remember: If you want to upgrade to a K&N Filtercharger use part number: 33-2784

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Parts The following is a list of parts that owners have found replacements for. In some cases there may be more than one possible replacement. Use this list simply as suggestions. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of these parts.

Note:  I understand that this list is getting a bit messy and I will clean it up sometime in the near future. I already started this process by making a clean table of all the great work that Tony Grasso has done in researching parts exchanges for many components in the GM Multi-Port Fuel Injection system. Click here to see the results of this collaboration.

In asking about parts for my car, Patrick Peal had the following to say: 

    "I'm pretty sure that Club Lotus in the UK does (or did) a cross-referenced parts list with sources from other manufacturers. " 

    "Lotus steering racks are almost always unique to Lotus, although many of the components will appear on someone else's car. As you can't usually buy bits of a steering rack, just the whole thing, that doesn't really help! "

    "Suspension bushes are also often unique to Lotus (like the rack, carefully tuned to give the optimum Lotus-like behavior). "

    "The ball-joints and tie-rod ends are expensive to tool, and hence are usually standard items from A.N. Other's parts list - for the Esprit SE, I cannot be sure but suspect they are Opel/GM parts. " 

I also received the following information, but I don't recall the source (Sorry): 

    I have had the good fortune to part together a 1987 Lotus Turbo Esprit from a box of parts after it was sold as salvage. In the process I refused to let Lotus rip me off for generic parts in Lotus boxes. 

    The Bosch fuel filter from an 81 Volvo will replace the main fuel filter in the pre 88 with fuel injection. 
    The GM vacuum pump (about $100 from NAPA) replaces the Lotus unit $1000 from Lotus. 

    Fuel filter Volvo WIX 33279
    Distributor cap Borg Warner - c 567
    Distributor cap Standard LU 430
    Distributor cap World Parts W32-192
    Distributor cap Beck Arnley 174-0257
    Distributor cap Niehoff WA 447
    Distributor    Lucas 25D4 41634 for Esprit S1
    Distributor Rotor  Lucas RA1 for Esprit S1 or S2 
    Rotor Borg Warner - d 578
    Fuel pump Primary GPF 208 fits 911 turbo
    Fuel pump Secondary GPF 214 fits 911 turbo
    Lambda sensor Bosch 0-258-003-022
    Brake pads front 83-85 Celica same with wheel bearings
    Brake pads front GDB216 - for Toyota, front
    Brake pads rear Lucas GP 248
    Brake pads rear Lucas GDB149 - for Renault, Talbot, rear,
    Thermostat Gasget Felpro 35097 Chevy v8

    Lotus 4-cylinder ECM  Chevrolet Part #16198267 ($210US)

    Tail-lights on all Stevens body Esprits - Toyota 1984/85 Corolla 3-door:

    LEFT  81561-1A240
    RIGHT  81551-1A240

Ed Young provided the following information: 
These are some of the substitutions I have come up with for my '88 Esprit....

I have included Lotus numbers as well. 

B079P4057F--Gates 28467--Head to chassis
A079K4028F--Regular 5/8" heater hose
A912E2017F--Gates 20877--Inlet Manifold to Pump
A912E1837F--Gates 20338--Head to Pump, Elbow Hose
A026E6102Z--Felpro 35097--Same as Chevy V8
B907E6329H--Beck/Arnley 174-0257--Borg Warner C567--Late MGB, Dist.Cap
A912E6598F--Beck/Arnley 173-388O--Borg Warner D578--Late MGB, Dist.Rotor
A907E6332F--Gates 7340--Vacuum Pump Belt, Alternator Belt also
A910E6656F--Gates 9313--AC Belt
A912E6697F--Gates T188--Timing Belt
A910E6725F--Bosch 0580-254-967/or GFP 208--Fuel Pump Primary--fits Porsche
A910E6758F--Bosch 0580-254-979/or GFP 214--Fuel Pump Secondary-fits Porsche
A910E6726F--Wix 33279--Fuel Filter
A910E6755F--Beck/Arnley 156-8000 or 0-258-003-022--Oxygen Sensor
A082K4108F--Gates 21342--Radiator Outlet Bottom-note:cut creative making 2 hoses to rejoin with 1 1/4" nipple steel preferred
B082K4127K--Gates 20841--Return Pipe to Junction Pipe *
B912E1839F--*Uses other half of above Gates 20841; cut from same hose to fit both--Thermostat Housing to Pipe
A079P4056F--Gates 28467--Header Tank Feed
A082K4190F--Sorry Lotus Only
A082K4207K--Gates 20949--Elbow Hose
A082K4115F--Gates 21638--Hose Reducing *
A082K4200F--*uses other half of above Gates 21638 cut from same hose to fit both--Radiator Inlet
B089J8055F--Raybestos(ss)D245--Front Brake Pads--'83-'85 Toyota Celica
A082J6076F--Rear Brake Pads--actually they are the same as front brake pads for a Renault LeCar except the Renault pads do not have the metal "nib" on the back plate; is that important? If not, these pads will work.
B907E6000F--Wix 51307--Oil Filter
A089C8004F--BCA A6--Front Inner Wheel Bearing
A089C8005F--BCA A2--Front Outer Wheel Bearing
A089C8003F--National 224820--Front Hub Seal
The three above items fit Toyota Celica.
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Where to Buy Parts The following is a list of well-known and reputable sources for buying parts for an Esprit: 
Vendor Location Phone
Lotus Cars USA (LCU)
500 Marathon Parkway
Lawrenceville, GA 30045
(800) 24-LOTUS
375 Pine Avenue #26
Goleta, CA 93117-3411
(805) 967-5767
Dave Bean Engineering
636 E St Charles St.
Star Route 3
San Andreas, CA 95249
(209) 754-5802
Tingle's Lotus Center
1615 Shawsheen St.
Tewksbury, MA 01876
RD Enterprises
290 Raub Road
Quakertown, PA 18951
(215) 538-9323
Sports Car World
Rt. 1, Box21
Evant, TX 76525
(254) 471-5539
Kampena Motors
140-B South Linden Ave
San Francisco, CA 94080
(650) 583-5480
SJ Sportscars 
Unit 1 Ash Units, Down End
Lords Meadow Industrial Estate
Crediton, Devon, England
UK: 01363 777790
+44 1363 777790
3493 S. Bascom Avenue
Campbell, CA  95148
Borsigstrasse 18
65205 Wiesbaden
0 61 22 / 93 94 55

If you call any of these places, please tell them that I referred you. Some of them may go "who?", but after a while they will come to recognize and appreciate my referrals. Maybe then they will add my Fact File as a link to their web sites.

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Exhausts and High Performance Parts Cates-Bundy Racing was a joint business between Roger Cates and Lotus racecar driver, Doc Bundy. They sold high performance parts for the Stevens Esprit models. Many of these parts were developed from the racing program by Doc and his friend, Andy Waldrep. After Doc moved over to drive for Panoz Motorsports, Roger closed down the business. During their brief existence, they developed a custom sport dual exhaust which, via an arrangement with Lotus Cars USA, was available as a dealer-installed option when the car was new. I was fortunate enough to have one of these exhausts installed on my S4s and it sounds glorious. For those who are interested in getting the Flowmaster exhaust on your car, there may still be some for sale, but you will need to do a little research to track one down. The best and cheapest solution is to go to a custom muffler shop and have them build you a custom exhaust. Many Esprit owners have followed this approach and have had their exhausts built for approximately $350US.

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Lotus Manuals Mike Causer was kind enough to provide a list of manuals, parts lists and handbooks from the current Lotus parts pricelist. NOTE: the prices shown are in British pounds sterling, not in US dollars. Also, please be aware that these prices fluctuate constantly. 
A000T0343C          5.15        Parts Price List-Retail Only
A026T0324G         12.93        Handbook-Elan 1600
A036T0324G         12.93        Handbook-Elan Coupe & D/Head
X036T0324G         12.93        Handbook-Elan Sprint
X036T0325J         35.15        Parts List-Elan (62-73)
X036T0325K         29.36        Contents-Parts List-Elan
X036T0327J         38.88        Workshop Manual-Elan (62-73)
A046T0327J         37.85        Workshop Manual-Europa
X046T0325J         35.15        Parts List-Europa S1/2 (66-71)
X050T0325J         35.15        Parts List-Elan +2 (67-74)
X050T0327J         38.88        Workshop Manual-Elan+2 (67-74)
X054T0324S         12.93        Handbook-Europa S2
A074T0325J         35.15        Parts List-Europa T/C (71-75)
X074T0324D         12.93        Handbook-Europa Twin Cam
A075T0324Z         17.04        Handbook-Elite S1 Dom '74
A075T0325J         36.90        Parts List-Elite/Eclat (73-83)
A075T0327J         40.82        Workshop Manual-Elite/Eclat
B075T0324Z         10.78        Handbook-Elite S1 Fed 76-79
C075T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Elite S1 Dom/Row 78
D075T0324Z         14.19        Handbook-Elite S1 Federal 1980
A076T0324Z         13.57        Handbook-Eclat S1
B076T0324Z         10.78        Handbook-Eclat S1 Federal
A079T0324Z         14.19        Handbook-Esprit S1
A079T0325J         36.90        Parts List-Esprit S1/2 (76-80)
A079T0327J         39.75        Workshop Manual-Esprit S1/S2
B079T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Esprit S1 Federal
C079T0324Z         15.84        Handbook-Esprit S2 California
E079T0324Z         14.19        Handbook-Esprit S2 Fed 79
G079T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Esprit S2.2 Dom/Row
A082T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Esprit Turbo 80/82
A082T0327J         29.71        Service Notes-S3/Tur 80/87
B082T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Turbo Federal 83
B082T0327J         29.71        Service Notes-Esprit 88on(GEN)
C082T0327J         26.06        Service Notes-Section EMG-MPFI
D082T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Turbo Federal 84
D082T0325J         36.90        Parts List-Turbo USA (83-87)
D082T0327J         49.90        Service Notes-Section EMH (SE)
E082T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Turbo Dom/Row 83/84
E082T0325J         36.90        Parts List-Turbo DOM/ROW 80-87
F082T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Turbo Federal 85
F082T0327J         23.58        Service Notes-Electrical
G082T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Turbo Dom/Row 85
G082T0327J         15.84        Service Notes-Section JF (ABS)
H082T0327Z         15.08        Contents-Ser Notes-Electrical
I082T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Turbo HCPI Federal 86
J082T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Turbo HC Dom/Row 87
J082T0327J         36.90        Service Notes-Esprit WA/WC-SIR
K082T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Turbo HCPI Federal 87
K082T0327J         29.53        Service Notes-Esprit 93 On
L082T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Turbo Dom/Row 88
L082T0325J         48.83        Parts List-Esprit 88-92
L082T0327J         15.08        Service Notes-Section EMM V8
M082T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Turbo HCPI Federal 88
M082T0325J         36.90        Parts List-Esprit 93 On
M082T0327J         15.08        Service Notes-Sect JG (V8 ABS)
N082T0325J         36.29        Parts List-Esprit V8
Q082T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Carb Turbo-SE Susp
S082T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Fed Esprit 89-90
U082T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Esprit SE 89 On
V082T0324J         29.47        Handbook-Esprit S4
W082T0329Z          5.36        Warranty Booklet-CAL 93MY
X082T0329Z          5.36        Warranty Booklet-50State 93MY
Z082T0324J         44.00        Handbook-Esprit S4-Rev Harness
AA82T0324J         44.00        Handbook-Esprit S4-Aug 94 On
AB82T0324J         44.00        Handbook-Esprit S4 95 MY
AC82T0324J         47.25        Handbook-Esprit V8
A084T0324Z         10.78        Handbook-Eclat 2.2
A085T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Esprit S3
B085T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Esprit S3 Dom/Row 84
B085T0325J         36.90        Parts List-Esprit S3 (81-87)
C085T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Esprit S3 85
D085T0324Z         10.78        Handbook-Esprit S3 1985
E085T0324Z         21.52        Handbook-Esprit S3 1987
F085T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Esprit NA 88 MY
G085T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Esprit NA 89 MY
A089T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Excel 82/84
A089T0327J         29.71        Service Notes-Excel
B089T0324Z         19.25        Handbook-Excel 85 MY
E089T0325J         36.90        Parts List-Excel (82 On)
G089T0324J         19.25        Handbook-Excel 87 On
A100T0327J         33.50        Service Notes-Elan M100(GEN)
B100T0327J         15.84        Service Notes-Section EMJ(CAT)
C100T0324J         15.84        Handbook-Elan Dom/Row
C100T0327J         15.84        Service Notes-EMK(Tur Non-Cat)
D100T0324J         14.19        Handbook-Elan USA
D100T0327J         15.84        Service Notes-Section EML(NA)
E100T0324J         19.25        Handbook-Elan S2 94 MY
E100T0327J         15.84        Service Notes-Section WB(SIR)
G100T0325J         36.90        Parts List-Elan 1990 On
G100T0325K         36.90        Contents-Parts List-Elan 90 On
A111T0324J         17.32        Owners H/book Pack-Elise*TEXT*
A111T0325J         58.09        Parts List-Elise
A111T0327J         46.93        Service Notes-Elise
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Lotus Paints The kind folks at Lotus have provide me with a list of all the Lotus Paint codes and their corresponding Dupont Paint codes. This will be handy if you need to get parts repainted since Dupont are pretty universal. Thanks to John Shepherd for this info.

Note: Fields that are blank mean I don't have the data for them yet.

Note: Color A60 (Seal Grey) was used to paint some side skirts (sills) on cars built between 88 and 90MY.

          Color			Dupont Ref	Micro-  Value	Lotus Part
Code      Name			  Number	fiche	Shade	 Numbers
---- ------------------------	----------	-----	------	----------
A02  Black							B036B6424S
A03  Silver Diamond						A075B6249F
A04  Gold							A075B6250F
A05  Viper Green						A075B6271F
A06  Bermuda Blue						A075B6251F
A07  Roman Bronze						A075B6255F
A08  Lotus Bronze						A075B6256F
A13  Tabac							A083B6252F
A14  Altair Green						A083B6253F
A15  Helleblau							A083B6254F
A16  Essex Blue							A082B6060F
A17  Essex Blue							A082B6062F
A19  Copper Fire Metallic					A082B6063F
A21  Monaco White						B050B6237S
A22  Lotus Yellow (2)						A075B6267F
A23  Calypso Red						B075B6264S
A25  New Gold							A076B6157F
A26  Copper							A082B6063F
A30  Jupiter Red						A076B6158F
A31  Copper							A076B6159F
A32  Mediterranean Blue						C082B6126J
A33  Ice Blue							A082B6143F
A34  Essex Blue							A076B6161F
A35  Silver							A076B6162F
A36  New Gold							A076B6163F
A38  Chrysler Steel Grey					A089B6164F
A42  British Racing Green Metallic				C082B6089J
A44  Glacier Blue						C082B6090J
A45  Silver Frost						C082B6091J
A51  Midnight Blue						A082B6125F
A52  Mediterranean Blue						A082B6126F
A53  Cirrus Grey						A082B6127F
A54  New Jupiter Red						A082B6128F
A55  Cherry Red							A082B6129F
A56  Nimbus Grey						A082B6130F
A57  Shadow Grey						A082B6131F
A58  Champagne Gold						A082B6132F
A59  Steel Blue							C082B6133J
A60  Seal Grey			BC 36483 A			A082B6144F
A61  Atlantic Green						A082B6134F
A62  Claret							C082B6145J
A63  British Racing Green					B082B6146S
A64  Camel Yellow/Norfolk Mustard				A082B6192F
A65  British Racing Green					B082B6171S
A67  Vulcan Grey						C082B6172J
A68  Pacific Blue						C082B6173J
B01  Monaco White		AB9149		N9149	1	B100B6240V
B02  Black			47600		M1698	7	B100B6256V
B03  Calypso Red		AB K9197	K9197	1	B100B6239V
B04  Lotus New Racing Green	AB K9349	K9349	7	B100B6238V
B05  Norfolk Mustard		AB N9561	N9561	1	B100B6237V
B06  Aqua Blue			L9682		L9682	4	A100B6255V
B07  Silk Red			L9683		L9683	5	B100B6254V
B08  Pacific Blue		AB N9144	N9144	5	A100B6234V
B09  Silver Frost		AB L9056	L9056	3	A100B6235V
B10  Steel Blue			AB N9148	N9148	6	A100B6236V
B11  Midnight Blue		AB K9348	K9348	7	N/A
B12  Ibiza Blue			AB G9051	G9051	4	N/A
B13  Metallic Black		AB N113		N8113	7	N/A
B14  Metallic Green		H8395		H8395	7	N/A
B15  Merc Black Metallic	F2033		F2033	7	N/A
B16  Empire Green Metallic	AB W9320	W9320	7	A082B6203V
B17  Mica Yellow		637CJ417	W9424	1	P691.8020.001AV
B18  Medina Green Metallic	N9888		F2254	5	A100B6295V
B19  Palacio Purple Metallic	3E321		F1722	7	A100B6296V
B20  Azure Blue Metallic	L9890		F2255	7	B082B6282V
B21  Lotus Racing Green Met.	F2256		F2256	7	B082B6283V
B22  Aluminium			HY100		F2073	3	A082B6293V
B23  Ruby Red Metallic		AB N9933	F7503	4	A082B6292V
B24  Bronze			F0585		F2284	4	A082B6291V
B25  Chrome Orange		F0262/HE01	F7504	1	A082B6319V-6320V
B26  Saturn Silver		F0189		M1699	4	A082B6329V
B27  Electric Green		F1613		M1800	5	A082B6324V
B28  Deep Purple Metallic	F0457		M1801	7	A082B6322V
B29  Racing Green		F1415		M1658	7	A082B6325V
B30  Inferno			K9381		M1659	2	A082B6321V
B31  Pacific Green		F1037		M1660	6	A082B6327V
B32  Willow			F1827		M1661	4	A082B6328V
B33  Charcoal			L9254		M1662	7	A082B6331V
B34  Steel Blue			N8661		M1663	5	A082B6323V
B35  New Aluminium		BS97		F7235	4	A111B6077V
B36  New Lotus Yellow (Spice)	F8121		M1664	1	A111B6158K
B37  Anniversary Green		F1357		M0043	7	N/A
B38  Quicksilver		H9594		M0485	4	N/A
B39  Scandal Green		F1377		M1880	1	N/A
B40  Lotus Steel Blue Metallic	G8928		M1878	4	N/A
B41  Metallic Green Metallic	AB46700 K6	F2257	7	N/A
B42  Midnight Blue Metallic	L8632		F1728	7	A082B6274V
B44  Night Blue Metallic	AB H9597	F2258	7	N/A
B45  Cranberry Metallic		N9571		F2259	7	N/A
B46  Bugatti Blue Metallic	N/A		N/A	4	N/A
B47  Ferrari Yellow		F2260		F2260	1	N/A
B48  Mauritius Blue Metallic	H9322		F2261	7	N/A
B49  Pearl Black		H9595		F2262	7	N/A
B50  Orient Blue Metallic	XB-FOA20	F2263	7	N/A
B51  Pearl White		AB N9150	F7505	1	N/A
B52  Magenta Metallic		H9883		F2264	4	N/A
B53  Red Pearl Metallic		F1127		F2265	6	N/A
B54  Bugatti Blue Mono		AB F0496	F7506	4	N/A
B55  Ferrari Red		H8436		F7507	2	N/A
B57  Juvarra Ivory Metallic	712		M1665	4	N/A
B58  Estoril Blue Metallic	N/A		F2238	6	N/A
B59  Vulcan Grey Metallic	N9145		F7509	6	N/A
B60  Cosmos Black Metallic	F0642		F7510	7	N/A
B61  Nautilus Blue Metallic	W9783		F7511	7	A082B6326V
B62  Titanium Metallic		F0576		F7512	4	A082B6330V
B63  Lotus Racing Yellow	W9424		F7513	1	A083B6318V
B64  Pearl White/Gold		H0867/AM76	F7514	1	N/A
B65  Pearl White/Blue		F4803		M2446	3	N/A
B66  Mendip Blue		F1487		M1666	5	N/A
B67  Espsom Green Metallic	F1001		M1667	7	N/A
B68  Peugeot Blue		F1821		M1668	4	N/A
B69  Sahara Gold Metallic	HY6		M1656	1	N/A
B70  Viola Metallic		HY39/97		F7964	5	N/A
B71  Old English White		WT03		M1879	1	N/A
B72  Lynx Flag Blue Metallic	F9915		M1657	7	N/A
B73  Atlantic Blue Metallic	L9560		M1653	7	N/A
B74  Dolphin Blue Metallic	N/A		M2441	4	N/A
B75  Motorsport Green		M1362		M3409	7	N/A
B76  Light Blue			P290C		M2437	1	N/A
B77  Envy Green Metallic	LY6K		F2138	4	N/A
B78  Atlantis Blue Pearl	M9385		N/A	7	N/A
B79  Starmist Blue Metallic	N/A		M6059	4	N/A
B80  Grey Metallic		N8990		M8990	4	N/A
B81  Black Metallic		L9024		M6027	7	N/A
B82  Winter Green Metallic	F4514		N/A	4	N/A
B83  Lightning Yellow Pearl	P1375		N/A	N/A	N/A
B84  Lava Orange Pearl		P1376		N/A	N/A	N/A
B85  Laser Blue Metallic	P1377		N/A	N/A	A082B6386F
B86  Racing Green Metallic	P1378		N/A	N/A	A082B6388F
B87  Ice Blue Metallic		P1379		N/A	N/A	A082B6389F
B88  Gunmetal Metallic		P1380		N/A	N/A	A082B6390F
B89  Quartz Metallic		P1381		N/A	N/A	A082B6391F
B90  Cobalt Blue Metallic	P1382		N/A	N/A	A082B6392F
B91  Aqua Metallic 		P1383		N/A	N/A	A082B6393F
B92  Silver Metallic		P1384		N/A	N/A	A082B6396F
B93  Starlight Black		P4382		7	N/A	N/A
B94  Ardent Red			P4885		4	N/A	N/A

Here are the paints currently available from Lotus Cars Ltd. in the UK. Prices in Pounds Sterling.

A076B6024V         12.33 LT     White Polyurethane Paint
A076B6025V         33.61 LT     Red Polyurethane Paint
A076B6026V         18.64 LT     Paint-Lemon Yellow
A076B6034V         17.56 LT     Paint-Orange
A076B6075V         30.57 LT     Roman Bronze Paint
A076B6110V         54.98 LT     New Gold Paint
A082B6106V         37.85 LT     Paint-Cherry Red55
A082B6107V         37.85 LT     Paint-Nimbus Grey
A082B6109V         37.85 LT     Paint-Shadow Grey
A082B6115V         37.85 LT     Paint-Champagne Gold
A082B6116V         37.85 LT     Paint-Steel BlueS
A082B6117V         37.85 LT     Paint-Midnight Blue
A082B6118V         37.85 LT     Paint-Atlantic Green
A082B6119V         37.85 LT     Paint-Claret Cellulose62
A082B6136V         37.85 LT     Paint-Seal Grey
A082B6137V         37.85 LT     Paint-British Racing Green
A082B6192V         42.72 LT     Paint-Norfolk Mustard-A64
A089B6113V         37.85 LT     Paint-Steel Grey
A089B6150V         45.42 LT     Paint-Calypso Red23
A089B6184V         66.52 LT     Paint-Pearlescent White
A089B6195V         45.42 LT     Paint-Vulcan Grey67
A089B6196V         27.04 LT     Paint-Pacific Blue68
A089B6197V         32.45 LT     Paint-B.R.Green (89)65
A089B6210V         32.45 LT     Paint-Marque Lotus Green71
A100B6028V         84.10 LT     Paint-Arctic Green P030
A100B6089F         45.75 LT     Paint-Anti Chip
A910E6605V         22.81 LT     Paint-Black Crackle Finish
A912E6830V         38.75 LT     Paint-Red Crackle Finish
B076B6100V         42.72 LT     Dark Blue Paint
B076B6102V         56.86 LT     Paint-Ice Blue33
B076B6107V         30.57 LT     Copper Paint
P691.8020.001AV    56.72 LT     Paint-Yellow Mica (Gold Pearl)
What follows is a list of all the current Lotus Touch-up Paints:
A036B6315S         4.27  EA     Touch In-B.R.Green L01
A036B6418S         4.27  EA     Touch In-Lotus Yellow L07
A036B6421S         4.27  EA     Touch In-Spruce Green
A036B6423S         4.27  EA     Touch In-Regency Red L11
B036B6424S         3.19  EA     Touch In Stick-Black L15/A02
B050B6237S         3.19  EA     Touch In Stick-Monaco L25/A21
A075B6249F         4.62  EA     Touch In-Silver Diamond A03
A075B6250F         4.62  EA     Touch In-Gold A04
A075B6251F         4.62  EA     Touch In-Bermuda Blue A06
A075B6255F         4.62  EA     Touch In-Roman Bronze A07
A075B6256F         4.62  EA     Touch In-Lotus Bronze A08
A075B6258F         4.62  EA     Touch In-Mint Green L29
A075B6267F         4.62  EA     Touch In-L.Yellow L31/A22/B43
A075B6271F         4.62  EA     Touch In-Viper Green A05
D075B6264F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Calypso A23/B03
A076B6157F         4.62  EA     Touch In-New Gold A25
A076B6158F         4.62  EA     Touch In-Jupiter Red A30
A076B6159F         4.62  EA     Touch In-Copper A31
A076B6161F         4.62  EA     Touch In-Dark Blue A34
A076B6162F         4.62  EA     Touch In-Silver A35
A076B6163F         4.62  EA     Touch In-New Gold A36
A082B6060F         4.97  EA     Touch In-Essex Blue A16
A082B6062F         4.97  EA     Touch In-Essex Blue A17
A082B6063F         4.97  EA     Touch In-Copper A19/A26
A082B6125F         4.97  EA     Touch In-Midnight Blue A51
A082B6127F         4.97  EA     Touch In-Cirrus Grey A53
A082B6128F         4.97  EA     Touch In-Jupiter Red A54
A082B6129F         4.97  EA     Touch In-Cherry Red A55
A082B6130F         4.97  EA     Touch In-Nimbus Grey A56
A082B6131F         4.97  EA     Touch In-Shadow Grey A57
A082B6132F         4.97  EA     Touch In-Champagne Gold A58
A082B6134F         4.97  EA     Touch In-Atlantic Green A61
A082B6144F         4.97  EA     Touch In-Seal Grey A60
A082B6216S         4.97  EA     Touch In-Norfolk Mustard A64
A082B6294F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Monaco B01
A082B6295F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Black B02
A082B6296F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Mustard B05
A082B6299F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Empire Grn   6
A082B6300F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Mica Yellow   7
A082B6301F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Medina Grn   8
A082B6302F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Palicio B19
A082B6303F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Azure Blue   0
A082B6304F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-L.R.Green   1
A082B6305F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Aluminium   2
A082B6306F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Ruby Red B23
A082B6307F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Bronze B24
A082B6308F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-M.Night Met B42
A082B6309F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Aqua Blue B06
A082B6311F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Steel Blue   0
A082B6312F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Ibiza Blue   2
A082B6313F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Black Met   3
A082B6314F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Green Met   4
A082B6315F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Pearl Silvr   5
A082B6334F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Ivory B57
A082B6335F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Bugatti Met B46
B082B6125F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Midnight B11
B082B6146S         3.19  EA     Touch In Stick-B.R.Green A63
B082B6171S         3.19  EA     Touch In Stick-B.R.Green A65
B082B6310F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Silk Red B07
C082B6089J         5.36  EA     Touch In Kit-B.R G.Met A42
C082B6090J         5.36  EA     Touch In Kit-Glacier Blue A44
C082B6091J         5.36  EA     Touch In Kit-Silver Frost A45
C082B6126J         5.36  EA     Touch In Kit-Med.Blue A32/A52
C082B6133J         5.36  EA     Touch In Kit-Steel Blue A59
C082B6145J         5.36  EA     Touch In Kit-Claret Red A62
C082B6172J         5.36  EA     Touch In Kit-Vulcan Grey A67
C082B6173J         5.36  EA     Touch In Kit-Pacific Blue A68
D082B6091F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Silv Frost B09
D082B6146F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-B.R.Green B04
D082B6173F         4.73  EA     Touch In Stick-Pacific B08
A083B6252F         4.97  EA     Touch In-Tabac A13
A083B6254F         4.97  EA     Touch In-Helleblau A15
A089B6164F         4.97  EA     Touch In-Steel Grey A38
A100B6275S         3.22  EA     Touch In Stick-N.Mustard A64
A100B6276S         3.22  EA     Touch In Stick-Aqua Blue A72
B100B6274J         5.36  EA     Touch In Kit-Silk Red A73
B100B6276J         5.36  EA     Touch In Kit-Aqua Blue A72
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