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JAE was established at the beginning of 1992 as a partnership between Jay Makwana and Jeff Robinson. Their facilities are located in a suburb of Santa Barbara, California about 100 miles North of Los Angeles. The building is in an industrial area near the airport, train station, Fed-EX, UPS, and USPS offices which allows them to get shipments in and out very quickly. 

JAE specializes in providing quality parts at fair prices. Jay and Jeff have been Lotus fans long enough to be tired of parts that are rusted, don't fit, don't work, or break. They are direct factory/warehouse distributors for just about any part you would need. In addition to Lotus parts, their suppliers include:

  • Lucas/Girling
  • AP Lockheed
  • AP Racing
  • Tilton
  • Earls
  • Coopers
  • AE
  • Moss
  • ARP
  • Quinton Hazel
  • Vandervel
  • Panasport
  • Spax
  • Koni
  • K&N
  • Triplex
  • Weber

Please support their business and the Esprit Fact File by giving them a call with your Lotus parts needs.

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Leatherique Ask most Lotus owners (or Rolls Royce owners) what the best leather care products are and there will be only one answer: Leatherique. Not only do these people have a fantastic line of products, but there customer relations are second to none. They will do anything in their power to make sure you are a satisfied customer. Because of this Leatherique is endorsed by the Rolls Royce Club of America as well as many Lotus clubs. I have been using this for some time now with excellent results and I'm happy to recommend their products.

Leatherique is actually a line of products including Prestine Clean and Rejuvenator Oil. These are the best products on the market to restore old "cardboard-hard" leather and protect any  leather in your car or home. You first work the Rejuvenator Oil into the leather with your hands and let the car sit for several hours in the sun so that it can be absorbed. You then finish the job by wiping on Prestine Clean and then wiping it off with a soft cloth. Your leather will look great and will have that new leather smell again.

If your leather color is faded, they also have a great line of color matched dyes that will restore the interior to its original look. Some Lotus owners have even changed the entire color of their car's interior using the dyes. What's even more amazing is that some of these color changes were from a dark color like black or charcoal to a light color like tan or ivory.

To purchase Leatherique products, visit their website at: www.leatherique.com or call them at: (904) 272-0992.

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If you live in the South East (anywhere within a 400 mile radius of Jacksonville, FL), aren't in a rush to get your Esprit serviced, want someone who is qualified to work on your car and knows what they're doing, has the right tools and contacts to do the job properly, and want to SAVE TONS OF CASH, then I've got the place for you!

My friends Gene Troutman and Mike Costley have decided to start an official side business working on our cars. Both have been involved with Esprits for over 15 years and are true enthusiasts. In fact, if you ever hear me talk about our yearly pilgrimages to the Mecca (LCU), they are part of our core group. They have traveled in their Esprits to Atlanta for the Walter Mitty in April, British Car Day in May, and HSR in September every year for over 6 years.

Gene and Mike started working on their cars many years ago and started helping fellow Esprit owners with their repairs as well. After doing this for several people, they decided to get incorporated and start a side business just to make it worth their while. You won't pay a pretty penny with these guys, but the job you get will be top-notch.

Prior to our last trip for the Atlanta 2002 HSR, I had already decided to have Gene & Mike change my timing belt and hoses upon our return. Since my clutch release bearing decided to disintegrate on the track, I figured, why not tow the car to Jacksonville and have them do this work as well. I'm glad I did! Not only was I able to help in pulling out the gearbox and doing some of the work, but a lot of this work has now been demystified and I am no longer afraid. Gene & Mike are very meticulous in their work and take their time to make sure things are just right. In fact, on several occasions we even rolled my car out to pressure wash the engine and/or transmission to make sure everything looked good and clean. This attention to detail is not normally found in dealerships which usually just want to get the job done and charge you a fortune in the process. As a matter of fact, we know of at least two people in Central Florida (who shall remain nameless) who have had very similar work done to their Esprits at the dealer and wound up paying over 10 TIMES as much as I did!

In the end, we replaced the timing belt, tensioner pulley, all V-belts, all major cooling hoses, coolant header tank, clutch throwout bearing, and pressure plate. We also had the clutch relined, removed a seized gearbox fill plug, changed the gearbox oil (MT-90), and flushed the cooling system. I had so much fun helping with this work that I have vowed to help with other cars that they get in for service. Granted, I can't go all the time since they live about 3 hours away (175 miles), but when I get the chance, I will be there. So, who knows, you may even that weird Esprit Fact File nut working on your car!

You can call Gene and Mike at (904) 781-7027 or (904) 771-6981 and tell them that I referred you. You won't regret it.

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